Celebrating Diwali at St Nicholas Early Education Gillieston Heights

The children of our Gillieston Heights centre recently celebrated the Festival of Lights with a burst of creativity. From sparkling Diwali firework art to cultural dress-ups that weave vibrant traditions into the fabric of fun, every moment was a celebration of unity and understanding.

We are thrilled to share the joyous moments of our recent Diwali celebration at St Nicholas Early Education Gillieston Heights, where the children immersed themselves in the dazzling world of the Festival of Lights.

A burst of creativity: Our little ones embarked on an artistic journey, creating sparkling Diwali firework art that illuminated the centre with vibrant colours. The walls and windows adorned with their imaginative masterpieces showcased not only their creative talents but also the spirit of Diwali, spreading joy and brightness all around.

Cultural dress-ups: The festivities continued with the children embracing cultural dress-ups, weaving the rich traditions of Diwali into the fabric of fun. Decked out in colourful attire, our youngsters not only had a great time dressing up but also gained a deeper understanding of the cultural significance behind the Festival of Lights.

A celebration of unity and understanding: Every moment of the centre’s Diwali celebration was a testament to the unity and understanding fostered at St Nicholas Early Education. Through engaging activities and immersive experiences, the children not only learned about the customs and traditions of Diwali but also celebrated diversity in a spirit of togetherness.

As parents, you play a crucial role in supporting your child’s cultural education. We encourage you to continue the conversation at home, exploring the beauty of different traditions and fostering an appreciation for diversity