Transition to School program

Supporting children’s transition from early childhood education to primary school
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About our Transition to School program

St Nicholas Early Education’s Transition to School program is designed to support children’s successful transition from early childhood education to primary school. The program is based on a curriculum that is aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Framework (NQF), and focuses on children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills to prepare them for the next stage of their learning journey.

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Experience the difference

Choosing the right preschool program for your child is a crucial decision, and one that can shape their educational journey for years to come. At St Nicholas Early Education, we understand the importance of providing a solid foundation for your child’s academic and social development. That’s why we designed our preschool program to go above and beyond the offerings of other providers. Take a closer look at the key features that set us apart.

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Priority enrolment at Catholic schools

The Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle Schools Enrolment Policy gives families of St Nicholas Early Education priority enrolment at Catholic schools.

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Program elements


St Nicholas’ play-based curriculum aims to provide children with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in primary school. The program covers areas such as literacy, numeracy, science, social skills, emotional regulation and physical development. The curriculum is designed to be flexible and adaptable, depending on the needs and interests of each individual child.

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School partnerships

St Nicholas has established partnerships with local primary schools to ensure a smooth transition for children. These partnerships involve regular communication and collaboration between the centre and schools. The program includes school visits, and meetings with teachers and staff. Families of St Nicholas Early Education also have priority enrolment at Catholic primary schools.

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Family collaboration

St Nicholas encourages regular communication between educators and families, sharing information about children’s progress and providing opportunities for families to be involved in their child’s program.

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In-centre practices

St Nicholas provides a wide range of experiences designed to familiarise children with the routines and experiences they will encounter at primary school, including group based learning, lunch box days and more.

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St Nicholas’ staffing model includes University-qualified early childhood teachers who are experienced in working with preschool-aged children. All of St Nicholas’ educators have a deep understanding of the developmental needs of children and are trained in implementing their program’s curriculum and practices.

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Smooth transition

Children benefit from a smooth transition from the preschool environment to primary school. They experience lower levels of anxiety, stress and confusion, and feel prepared to meet the challenges of their new school environment. 

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Enhanced performance

Children gain an understanding of the expectations and requirements of their new school, helping them to adjust quickly and effectively. 

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Increased social and emotional wellbeing

Children feel socially and emotionally supported as they prepare to start school. They enjoy opportunities to connect with peers, teachers, and other supportive adults, reducing feelings of isolation and promoting a sense of belonging. 

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Stronger parent-school partnerships

Parents feel involved in the transition process, connected to their child’s new school and have a better understanding of how they can support their child’s academic and social success.

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      ‘The best early childhood centre around. We’re over the moon with the quality provided by St Nicholas.’

      Cherie Early Education Parent

      ‘The educators really made us feel comfortable about going back to work.’

      Chris Early Education Parent

      ‘Brilliant early education. The educators are the best we have experienced.’

      Debbie Early Education Parent

      ‘The quality of care is amazing and the staff are warm, friendly and welcoming’

      Jo Early Education Parent

      ‘My child loves the environments and experiences that St Nicholas provides.’

      Leanne Early Education Parent

      ‘All of my children went through St Nicholas and I couldn’t be happier.’

      Leigh Early Education Parent

      ‘We are so thankful to St Nicholas for always making our family feel welcome and supported.’

      Lisa Early Education Parent

      ‘Everyone greets us with a smile and knows us by name. It’s great to be part of such a caring community.’

      Paul Early Education Parent

      ‘St Nicholas has exceeded our expectations in every possible way. We couldn’t be happier.’

      Sandy Early Education Parent

      ‘I trust that my children are not only learning, but are also having a lot of fun.’

      Therese Early Education Parent