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Our commitment

St Nicholas provides all our employees with access to a suite of exciting and free professional learning opportunities, which they can register for through an exclusive online learning portal. This initiative aligns with St Nicholas’ commitment to providing all educators with a working environment that acknowledges and promotes their experience and professionalism by supporting them in their career goals. 

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What we offer

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Have you ever asked yourself, ‘What does leadership look like?’ Or are you wanting to refresh your knowledge and understanding of leadership? St Nicholas’ leadership support programs provide participants with the opportunity to develop their skills in leadership and management in early childhood settings.


Our documentation workshops provide educators at all levels with the skills and understandings necessary for them to be able to identify children’s significant developmental moments, document these moments effectively, and use this documentation to extend children’s learning. 


We provide opportunities for our educators to engage in reconciliation and cultural competency workshops designed to empower our team to establish and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, include and listen to the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in decisionmaking and leadership, and promote reconciliation across our centres and services. 

Technical skills

To ensure our team members are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate the various programs and software they use as part of their everyday work, we offer workshops encompassing rostering, enrolment, and documentation technology.

Creative programming

We offer fun and interactive workshops to provide educators with a variety of creative ways to introduce children of varying age groups to creative concepts and experiences using non-competitive, success-oriented outcomes. 


Our Safeguarding training covers a range of topics, including understanding the importance of child safeguarding, recognising the signs and symptoms of unsafe children, responding to disclosures and reporting concerns to the appropriate authorities. This training is delivered by the Office of Safeguarding. 

First Aid and CPR

The safety and wellness of our children, students and staff is our top priority, so we provide regular opportunities for our staff to refresh their skills and qualifications in first aid and CPR, with an early childhood focus. 

St Nicholas Pathways exists to excite, engage and support those in the community who wish to explore a career in early childhood education and care through a range of programs and study options. St Nicholas Pathways facilitates all of St Nicholas’ professional development opportunities, which our team members can register for through an exclusive online learning portal. 

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