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Book in for an unforgettable winter school holidays with St Nicholas OOSH!

Looking for something fun to do with your child or grandchild these school holidays?

St Nicholas OOSH has plenty of inspiration for fun, dynamic and educational activities for young learners. Immersing children in diverse encounters, St Nicholas OOSH gives children the space to be active, explore, discover new interests, and make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Check out a selection of what is on offer across our OOSH services this Vacation Care period:

  • Australian Reptile Park – Experience the scaly wonders of reptilians on an adventure to the Australian Reptile Park.
  • Gecko Sports Gymnastics – Test your balance and flexibility with a course that will have you cartwheeling and flipping with fun.
  • Krazy Kars – Join your OOSH buddies for a remote-controlled car grand prix. Who will conquer the course and be named champion driver of the day?
  • Oakvale Wildlife Park – Join the farmtastic adventure to Oakvale Wildlife Park where you will encounter and interact with all types of wildlife, from big to small, furry to scaly there is something that everyone will love.
  • Numa Ngarra with Aunty Steff – Join Aunty Steff on an educational adventure where you will immerse yourself in a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony and learn traditional dance and art styles.
  • Green Thumbs Day – Get your hands dirty on Green Thumb’s Day! Learn about our native plants and herbs and design your very own pot to take home your planted flower.
  • Newcastle Museum – Blast off for a scientific adventure at Newcastle Museum. Discover the wonders of our universe and learn about the science behind everything.
  • 4WD Tours R US – Experience the thrill of sandboarding as you fly down the Port Stephens dunes soaking in the epic views.
  • Crime Scene Investigation – Do you love to solve puzzles and riddles? Collaborate with your OOSH Buddies to help solve the mysterious crime scene using forensics, science and logic.

Find out what’s on offer at a St Nicholas OOSH near you and book your place at – https://stnicks.org.au/oosh/vacation-care/