Beanies for Brain Cancer at St Nicks Lochinvar

Thanks to the extraordinary support of their amazing families, St Nicholas Early Education Lochinvar is proud to have raised an incredible $570 for the Mark Hughes Foundation through their recent Beanies for Brain Cancer fundraiser.

At St Nicholas Early Education, compassion and care are at the heart of everything we do. Recently, our Lochinvar centre had the incredible opportunity to come together as a community and make a significant contribution to the fight against brain cancer through their Beanies for Brain Cancer fundraiser. We are proud to share that with the overwhelming support of their families, staff and community, the centre raised an impressive $570 for the Mark Hughes Foundation. This achievement not only exemplifies the values we instill in our children but also showcases the power of unity in making a positive impact on the lives of others.

The fundraiser’s success

The Beanies for Brain Cancer fundraiser brought out the best in our Lochinvar centre community. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity and dedication of their families, staff and local supporters, the centre was able to raise $570 for the Mark Hughes Foundation. This remarkable achievement has enabled us to contribute significantly to the foundation’s mission of raising awareness about brain cancer, supporting research efforts and providing crucial assistance to patients and their families.

A heartfelt thank you

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every individual who purchased a treat box or made a donation to our fundraiser. Your support and commitment to this important cause have been truly inspiring. Together, we have proven that even small acts of kindness can create a ripple effect and bring about positive change in the lives of those facing adversity.

Fostering compassion from an early age

At St Nicholas Early Education, we believe in nurturing compassionate and caring individuals from an early age. Our dedication to this belief is evident in the enthusiasm and eagerness with which Lochinvar’s children participated in the Beanies for Brain Cancer fundraiser. They understood the importance of giving back to the community and supporting those in need, showcasing the values we strive to instill in them daily.

Supporting the Mark Hughes Foundation

The Mark Hughes Foundation is doing incredible work in the fight against brain cancer. The funds we raised will help the foundation continue its vital efforts in researching brain cancer, improving treatment options and offering support to patients and their families during their challenging journey. By supporting the foundation, we are contributing to a brighter future for those affected by this devastating disease.

Together, we make a lasting impact

Being part of a community that rallies together to make a difference is an honour. Our Lochinvar centre’s success in this fundraiser exemplifies the power of unity and how collective efforts can have a far-reaching impact on the lives of others. The sense of camaraderie and determination demonstrated by our Lochinvar community is a testament to the strength that lies in coming together for a common cause.