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8 Reggio Emilia-inspired experiences for outdoor learning and play

Unleash creativity, nurture curiosity and ignite imaginations with these eight enchanting Reggio Emilia-inspired experiences that seamlessly blend nature and education.

Outdoor learning and play experiences offer children a multitude of opportunities for exploration, discovery and creativity. Inspired by the renowned Reggio Emilia Approach, we present eight engaging experiences you can do with your children to promote outdoor learning and play. These activities encourage children to connect with nature, foster their imagination and develop various skills while enjoying the great outdoors.

1. Nature’s Art Gallery

Transform your outdoor space into a captivating art gallery. Invite your children to gather natural materials like leaves, twigs, stones and flowers. Encourage them to create beautiful arrangements and sculptures with these elements. This activity stimulates their creativity, fine motor skills and appreciation for the natural world.

2. Sensory Garden

Create a sensory-rich garden by planting a variety of plants that stimulate different senses. Include fragrant flowers, soft grass, textured leaves and herbs. Encourage your children to explore the garden, touch and smell the plants, and describe their sensory experiences. This activity enhances their sensory perception and vocabulary.

3. Shadow Play

Harness the power of sunlight to engage your children in shadow play. Provide them with various objects like toys, sticks, or even their bodies to cast shadows on a plain surface. Encourage them to experiment with the size and shape of the shadows by moving closer or farther from the light source. This activity promotes spatial awareness, observation skills and imaginative storytelling.

4. Nature’s Orchestra

Invite your children to discover the sounds of nature by creating their own outdoor orchestra. Encourage them to find objects like stones, branches or shells that produce different sounds when struck together. Guide them in exploring rhythm, tempo and volume. This activity nurtures their auditory discrimination, coordination and musical exploration.

5. Story Stones

Engage your children in storytelling and literacy development with the help of story stones. Collect smooth stones and paint simple pictures or symbols on them representing characters, objects or settings. Place the stones in a basket and encourage children to select stones and create imaginative stories based on the images. This activity enhances language skills, narrative development and creativity.

6. Nature’s Treasure Hunt

Organise a nature-themed treasure hunt to encourage your children to observe and explore their surroundings. Create a list of natural items like acorns, feathers or pine cones for them to find. Provide them with magnifying glasses or binoculars to enhance their exploration. This activity promotes observation skills, critical thinking and appreciation for the environment.

7. Outdoor Studio

Set up an outdoor art studio by providing your children with a variety of art materials like paints, brushes, papers and natural materials. Encourage them to create their own masterpieces inspired by the outdoor environment. This activity fosters artistic expression, fine motor skills and a connection between art and nature.

8. Construction Zone

Transform your outdoor space into a construction zone by offering your children a range of loose parts such as logs, blocks, ropes and recycled materials. Encourage them to design and build structures using their imagination and problem-solving skills. This activity develops spatial awareness, engineering concepts and collaborative play.

By incorporating these Reggio Emilia-inspired outdoor learning and play ideas, you can provide your children with opportunities to engage with nature, ignite their creativity and develop a range of skills. Encourage your children to explore the wonders of the outdoor environment and discover the joy of learning through play.