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National Reconciliation Week at St Nicholas

For National Reconciliation Week 2024, our St Nicholas Early Education centres and OOSH services engaged in interactive educational activities to allow our learners to embrace, learn and understand our Indigenous history, culture and achievements.

Unpacking the importance and messaging behind National Reconciliation Week our educators guided and supported our learners to grasp bigger concepts and strengthen their connection to community and culture.

St Nicholas OOSH Abermain

Our Abermain learners worked with their educators to create an array of beautiful art that sparked discussion around the messages behind National Reconciliation Week. Learning about the cultural significance and beauty within Aboriginal-styled art, our learners had a go at crafting pieces of their own.

St Nicholas Early Education Cardiff

Diving into the rich culture, practice and history of Indigenous Australia, our learners immersed themselves into the beautiful symbolism of Indigenous art. They joined their educators in connecting to Country through music, dreamtime stories and intentional learning experiences, creating a resonance with the importance of cherishing diversity.

Our educators sparked a discussion with their learners about the colours, shapes, patterns and symbols used by Saretta Fielding’s Indigenous artwork within their centre, helping our learners draw meaning behind what they were viewing. They translated this into other mediums including a music experience featuring tapping sticks and traditional dancing whilst listening to works from Indigenous artist Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu and sand art where the children applied their learnings from the symbolism in Indigenous artwork to produce their own art using sticks. They morphed this into a wonderful sensory experience as they chose to use their fingers and hands to draw shapes and designs.

St Nicholas Early Education Chisholm

Gathering in their learning circle with their educator, our Chisholm learners said their Acknowledgment of Country and sang the beautiful Australian Indigenous lullaby “Inanay.” This holistic learning experience provides a fun and engaging way to support learners in exploring and unpacking big ideas within a relaxing environment.

St Nicholas Early Education Maitland

To accommodate the learning stages of the children at St Nicholas Early Education Maitland, our educators crafted tailored programs during Reconciliation Week. Across all of the rooms, our educators embedded reconciliation practices and learning moments to grow on existing practices.

Providing dynamic learning experiences to connect the children to Country, our educators:

  • Crafted an Australian animals sensory experience;
  • Taught the emu dance to enhance knowledge and love of Indigenous music;
  • Explored composing Indigenous music with tapping sticks;
  • Unpacked age-appropriate media and stories to build knowledge and understanding;
  • Explored an array of Indigenous art that inspired their own creations;
  • Discovered the Indigenous Art collection at Maitland Regional Art Gallery; and
  • Invited families to join their children for a picnic on Country.


St Nicholas Early Education Singleton

Recognising National Reconciliation Week, our learners and educators got behind Wear It Yellow Day, wearing yellow during the week to bring light to the teachings and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. To enrich the learning takeaways, our educators provided cultural play and experiences to support our learners in establishing a connection with their cultural heritage and that of others, fostering a positive sense of identity and self-esteem.

Their learning extended into the community with an excursion to Singleton Civic Centre for Singleton Council’s Flag Raising Ceremony. The children watched a traditional dance by the local Aboriginal Dance Group, heard the Welcome to Country and listened to local dignitaries speak on the importance of reconciliation.

St Nicholas OOSH Adamstown

Our learners and educators engaged in a conversation around the messaging and meaning behind Reconciliation Week in their circle time creating an understanding of how we can proactively acknowledge and value the history of Australia.

St Nicholas OOSH East Maitland

Across National Reconciliation Week, our learners sparked an interest in broadening their understanding of the rich culture, practices and history of Indigenous people. Supported by their educators, they joined forces to create two artworks. One featuring their hands and another covered in beautiful dot painting designs. All involved, used their imagination and creativity to contribute to the poster.

St Nicholas OOSH Glendale

Inspired by the teachings of National Reconciliation Week, our learners read ‘Come Together’ by Isaiah Firebrace, created sand art and decorated some terracotta pots with dot art for growing their bush tucker. These activities allowed our learners to embrace and unpack the cultural meaning behind each symbol, colour and shape that they pieced together.

Our commitment to Reconciliation

St Nicholas recognises the importance of working alongside our communities in the ongoing effort to build a culture of respect, equality and unity. Across all of our centres and services, St Nicholas Early Education and OOSH celebrate the vibrant and diverse cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, providing engaging and immersing experiences for children to allow them to connect to the rich traditions, languages and customs of Australia’s First Nations. In this way, we aim to embed cultural awareness in our learners teaching them to understand and respect diversity.


More detailed information regarding National Reconciliation Week can be found here.

Information regarding St Nicholas’ approach to teaching and commitment to Reconciliation can be found here.