Early Education

Soaking up a sunny social Saturday

Our wonderful St Nicholas Early Education Maitland team came together in May for an early Saturday morning sunrise yoga and breath work session.

With the backdrop of the beautiful Newcastle Beach and headland, our team soaked up the stunning sunrise while they relaxed, recharged and caught up outside their bustling work environment.

“We were able to connect in the quiet, with each other and as individuals. It enabled us to become centered and experience this as a team. It grounded us to the world around us and provided context for our place in it,” Jacqueline Hanna, Early Childhood Teacher at St Nicholas Early Education Maitland.

There are many comprehensive benefits to yoga and breathwork, from promoting mental clarity to overall vitality and resilience. On top of this, our educators are able to connect over shared experiences and learn from each other.

In creating this experience for our St Nicholas Early Education Maitland team, Centre Director Emily McKenna is investing in the wellbeing and growth of her team to ensure that they feel valued, can foster harmonious relationships, and thrive together. Switching up the learning environment and focusing more on activities that boost wellbeing, gives the team a chance to release any stress and reset for another day.

“We always try and engage in bonding experiences together to connect socially, understand each other’s interests and values and have time to just have fun and be in the moment together.” Emily McKenna, Centre Director, St Nicholas Early Education Maitland