Early Education Events

Promoting road safety

For National Road Safety Week, our dedicated St Nicholas Early Education Braxton and Singleton educators engaged our learners in an interactive riding course designed to convey the importance of road safety practices in a hands-on fun, and educational manner.

Learning Through Experience

Our learners brought their bikes from home and navigated through the course, learning how to follow road rules correctly and safely. The course was designed to simulate real road conditions, complete with signs, signals, and designated pathways. This practical approach helped the children understand the rules of the road tangibly and memorably.

Additional experiences including engaging with road signage surrounding their centres’ to reassure their knowledge and understanding of the different meanings behind the symbols.

Emphasising Safety and Awareness

Throughout the activity, our educators emphasised the importance of being mindful of their surroundings, maintaining spatial awareness, and controlling their speed. These key lessons were not only about personal safety but also about the safety of their fellow road users. By encouraging these important practices, our learners can develop responsible behaviours that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Building Confidence and Skills

Participating in the riding course allowed our learners to build confidence in their biking skills while understanding the critical aspects of road safety. The interactive nature of the course made learning enjoyable and engaging, ensuring that these important lessons were well-received and retained.

Through the St Nicholas Early Education programming, our educators craft and deliver a variety of life skill-based activities to equip their learners with essential life skills, preparing them for a safe and brighter future.

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