Navigating the steps – transitioning from early education to primary school

Part of the learning that takes place at St Nicholas Early Education is around transitioning a child from early education to primary school. It can be a big step for both the child and their family.

As part of our programming, our centres provide sessions for parents to attend and obtain resources and advice to help them and ultimately their child navigate this journey.

In April St Nicholas Early Education Raymond Terrace hosted their ‘Transition to School’ information evening for their parents and invited teachers from the local primary schools to attend. Parents were able to learn and ask questions about:

  • The local primary schools
  • What Kindergarten orientation entails
  • Things to know when your child is starting Kindergarten
  • How to prepare your child for Kindergarten
Why is it important to attend these sessions

Attending these sessions provides families with invaluable information as they look to move their child from the early education setting into the school environment. It can help in alleviating stress and concerns about ensuring that your child has the best start to their schooling journey.

These sessions provide time to immerse yourself into the school setting, understanding the teachers your child may be learning from and the school environment that they will join. You can gain access to resources and support information regarding school activities and opportunities.


About our Transition to School program

St Nicholas Early Education’s Transition to School program is designed to support children’s successful transition from early childhood education to primary school. The program is based on a curriculum that is aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Framework (NQF), and focuses on children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills to prepare them for the next stage of their learning journey.

More information about the St Nicholas Transition to School Program is available here.