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National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS) 2024

National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS) is all about bringing the fun back into reading and literacy, highlighting its educational value and celebrating the power of storytime.

Held annually across Australia, thanks to the Australian Library and Information Association, NSS promotes the value of reading and literacy through its vibrant and colourful event. With a new Australian-authored and illustrated picture book selected each year that explores age-appropriate themes and key learning areas of the National Curriculum for learners up to Year 6, NSS brings together learners for a shared storytime adventure.

Bowerbird Blues

Bowerbird Blues is a beautifully illustrated picture book authored by Aura Parker.

“I am a collector. Always looking, finding … and keeping! Bowerbird loves blue. Magnificent cobalt. Brilliant, vibrant blue! But something is missing. What could it be?

This new picture book from Aura Parker stars a beautiful bowerbird on the search for blue! It’s a moving story of longing and connection, that unfolds as the bowerbird’s search sends him soaring across the sea, sky and city. He swoops and snatches vibrant treasures for his collection, and soon his bower – a mix of natural and unnatural objects – attracts something greater and more fulfilling than he could ever have imagined.”

The above has been taken from this site.

St Nicholas Early Education NSS experiences

Many of our learners enjoyed partaking in NSS with their educators and members of their local communities, turning through the pages of the beautifully illustrated picture book and listening to the journey of the bowerbird. Taking inspiration from the themes within the book, our educators engaged our learners in treasure hunts to find blue objects to add to their very own basket.

Key learning takeaways that Bowerbird Blues teaches us:

  • How wildlife and animals coexist.
  • The importance of looking after our environments so that all species can thrive.
  • The purpose of collections – to hold memories or to serve a tangible purpose
  • The beauty and variety in colour displaying in many different optics and hues.

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