Early Education

From Murals to Masterpieces: Young Artists Explore Indigenous Techniques

St Nicholas Early Education Maitland recently teamed up with the Family and Community Studies HSC Cohort from All Saints College, Maitland for an enriching Indigenous painting session.

Fostering creativity, cultural awareness and collaborative learning between students, their time together allowed for the creation of some beautiful artwork.

Inspired by the mural at All Saints College and guided by the college students, our young learners explored Indigenous painting techniques to create their own kangaroos and fish artwork employing a range of stroke movements, fine motor skills, and vibrant colours. This hands-on activity not only honed their artistic abilities but also helped them appreciate the intricacies of Indigenous art and culture.

The partnership between St Nicholas Early Education Maitland and All Saints College is a valuable and unique connection. In bringing students together from across these campuses, they can enjoy cross-learning opportunities and for our senior students, they can get a taste for future career pathways in the education sector.