Early Education

Behind the scenes: what is the role of a paramedic?

St Nicholas Early Education Chisholm had the pleasure of welcoming NSW Ambulance Rutherford Paramedic team for an engaging and interactive session on paramedicine and the invaluable work of paramedics.

Our learners had an absolute blast exploring and interacting with the iconic features of the ambulance and the specialised tools and equipment used by the paramedics. From sitting on the stretchers and the seats to hearing the sirens and seeing the flashing lights nearby, it was certainly a memorable and deeply educational experience.

Such experiences play a crucial role in supporting our younger learners as they shape their community connections. They help alleviate any uncertainties they might have about paramedic services, broadening their understanding and appreciation of the critical support these services offer. Moreover, our learners gained essential life skills that can be applied in real-life situations when incidents occur. From simply knowing how to seek help to providing support to someone in need.

Our approach

At St Nicholas Early Education, we are committed to providing our learners with comprehensive educational experiences. Across our Centres, our learners participate in similar programs with additional local emergency services, including Fire and Rescue NSW and NSW Police. These initiatives are designed to engage, educate, and foster strong relationships between our learners and these vital community services, equipping them with knowledge and tools they will benefit from throughout their lives.